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Justin Manzonie
Born in Nevada
25 years
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Brittany Rodriguez

I met Justin in the summer of 1997 and we immediately became inseperable.  We got into a lot of trouble together, and I have never regretted a moment of it.  He was always the one that could make me smile when I tried desperately not to.  I remember one summer when he was working at an ice cream shop by my house I would visit him often.  He'd see me coming and knowing that my car had no air conditioning, would immediately walk me back to the freezer so I could cool off.  He was such a giving person, never expecting anything in return.  Justin wanted nothing more than to bring happiness into the lives of those around him, and he succeeded on levels that he wasn't even aware of.  He touched my life and taught me how to be alive.  We eventually parted, never to speak again.  I thought of him often and as unbelievable as it may seem, when Justin's soul left I knew.  The world will never be the same without him.

Will Hernandez
Justin was always one to place a smile on my face. not only was he willing to act a fool to make others laugh. He knew exactly when to just listen. i recall one found memory with him. I had just broke up with a signifcant other, and everyone would give me the whole "forget him, he's not for you, blah, blah, blah". i didn't need that. It was Justin, and only Justin that allowed me to vent without giving me his two cents about the situation. after about a hour of my s**t, he cancelled his day plans of playstation and movies, and decided to go for a walk with me. we walked to a 7 eleven near by, got some munchies, walked back to school, and pigged out. All i really needed was a friend to be there. Thank you Justin. Thank you.....

There were three times I remember Justin being happiest. 


The first was our wedding.  I think he never stopped smiling on that day, and was so proud to go back to where we worked to say 'she is my wife'. 


The second was the birth of our daughter.  When she was born, he had this big foolish grin on his face.  It was so funny that when the doctor told him to cut the cord, Kylie was flailing around so much he almost cut off her finger.  The nurses thought it was hilarious.  They laughed even more when Justin said that he was afraid of Kylie.  When asked why, Justin looked at them in surprise and said "Look how loud she's screaming!  I have to take that home with me!  What if she's near my ear and she starts up!"


The third was when he came home one day, just after we were married, and there was a PlayStation 2 waiting for him.  It was so funny to see how reverently he opened the box and put it together ! 

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